House Hunting is Like Playing Detective

The joys of house hunting makes you feel like shopping right! Except in buying a home you want to know everything about it, all the secrets, what’s in the closet or behind the door? When you find the house you really start digging and it can be really strange. To start with forget about feeling weird, it’s smart to do your investigation upfront to avoid hidden issues on the backend.

Here are somethings you really must do:

Poke Around the Closets

You need to make sure there is enough room for all of your belongings. So opening all closets and storage areas to make sure there is enough space for all of your items.

Bathe in Bathroom

Spend more than a minute in the bathroom. Make sure all of the plumbing works and turn on the faucets to check the water pressure. Low pressure can indicate problems with the plumbing.

Stick Your Head in the Attic

Give the attic a thorough investigation and come prepared with a flashlight. You will want to look for molding wood. Your hope is the attic generally clean.

Meet the Neighbors

The best way to get to know the neighborhood directly is by talking to the actual neighbors. You will hopefully get valuable information about the area and learn more about your “potential” next door neighbor.

Investigator and Inspector

Whatever you discover during your sleuthing, you should follow up on whatever makes you suspicious. Public records often make this job easy.

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